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Prestige Building Solutions works diligently with Prestige Solar Solutions to offer solar photovoltaic systems on the custom homes we build, as well as installation services for any additional homeowners interested. Our solar team provides excellent service, products, and installation success, making your transition to solar power as easy as flipping the switch.

Prestige Solar Solutions can swap your monthly energy bill for solar-powered energy with zero money down and no monthly increases, saving you on utility prices while also increasing your property value by approximately 10-15%. Get the most for your money NOW with the current Federal Tax Rebate…

  • 26% in 2020
  • 22% in 2021
  • 0% in 2022

Solar power is a great way to save money, energy, and the environment! If you’re interested in installing solar on your home, check out the Prestige Solar Solutions website to learn more about the bright incentives of going solar!

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