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Prestige Construction, LLC has over 45 years of combined experience in siding, home building, and remodeling in Reno, Nevada. Quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service are guaranteed!

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Sidings are essential for two reasons: first, they increase your home’s value. Secondly, they provide an additional layer of energy-saving insulation. But you also need to choose an appropriate material for your siding. And James Hardie is undoubtedly the best.

Investing in sidings

You will have one thing in mind while investing in a siding – make the most of every penny to protect your home for at least a decade, if not more. Prestige Construction, LLC is here to fulfill your wish.

Reasons to Choose a James Hardie Cement Siding for Your Custom Home

  1. Durable

If you want to make the most of every penny you spend on your siding, there’s no better material than hardie. Hardie siding withstands extreme weather conditions like hail, snow, rain, and scorching heat. It remains unaffected season after season. Most importantly, it is moisture-resistant, meaning it doesn’t corrode or rot after heavy showers. In fact, it also doesn’t rust or warp. Hardie sidings usually come with lifetime warranties to back their claims. It means you can invest now and let the siding sit for decades without thinking of replacing them.

  1. Low maintenance

You should always consider the maintenance cost before choosing a siding material. Fortunately, James Hardie sidings hardly require maintenance. Once we install the sidings, you don’t need to pay attention to their upkeep. They don’t require high maintenance costs over time unless any unforeseen event damages them. All you need to do is clean them once a year. And you don’t need to hire a professional to clean them also. Just connect a pipe to your water source and wash it thoroughly. Hardie is also pest-resistant. Termites won’t be able to breach their surfaces.

  1. Inexpensive

James Hardie is inexpensive compared to other siding materials, such as polymer, brick, or wood. The installation process is also easier and cheaper. You can compare our prices with others to confirm. This ensures that you spend your money on a material that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and lasts for decades. Overall, hardie is more suitable than other materials. For example, wood is prone to damage and gets warped after heavy showers. You need to constantly pay for its maintenance. We can assure you that you will save nearly $1000 to $1250 every square foot if you choose hardie over wood sidings.

And it’s not just the installation cost. Adding the maintenance cost will show a mammoth figure that many people may not be able to afford. We want you to get the best material within the money you can afford for sidings. Hence, we highly recommend hardie over other materials.

  1. Insulation

Apart from helping save on the material and installation cost, James Hardie is also advantageous for preventing heat loss through thermal bridging. You may think that your home has top-notch insulation, but you still lose heat through wall studs that come in contact with the exterior siding. The insulated James Hardie siding acts as a protective blanket over these wall studs. It keeps your home warm during winters and cool during summers. Some other types of sidings may lead to cracks, chips, and gaps, allowing cool or warm air to pass through them. They make your home’s insulation worthless, to say the least. The Reno, NV government, also provides energy credits on homes with insulated sidings. Most importantly, hardie is an eco-friendly material.

  1. Versatility

We suggest James Hardie sidings because you can make them look like some popular siding materials, such as polymer, brick, or wood. We can make your hardie siding look so unique that no one will be able to tell the difference between wooden and hardie siding. Our team has enough experience to work with the hardie of different colors and textures. Allow us to change the look of your hardie siding to make your house look more beautiful. Some of the most popular designs that we implement are cedar and stone. It will look as if you have installed a stone siding and not hardie.

  1. Curb appeal

Our hardie sidings undoubtedly increase your home’s curb appeal. If you are one of those who want to install sidings based on your home’s aesthetics, you should always select James Hardie over other materials. Remember, we can make the Hardie siding look like anything you want. Therefore, if you have a wooden house, you can still choose hardie sidings.

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Siding Projects

Odds are that if you’re in the market to replace the siding on your home you’re looking to receive the most out of your investment and protect your home for years to come. Siding is likely the best option for your home due to its exceptional durability and numerous style options that are sure to meet your desires. With siding having been on the market for some time now many advancements have been made in regards to available colors, textures, and most importantly the virtually unnoticeable comparison to natural wood.

When browsing for siding you have the choice between hundreds of different colors and several texture patterns to go with your home. Prestige Construction, LLC siding experts are here to consult you through what can feel like an overwhelming amount of choices to provide the best appearance on your home.

One of the top benefits of siding over traditional wood siding is the lifespan. Siding is the first line of defense for your home against the sometimes brutal weather we face here in Reno and surrounding areas. Siding can hold up to harsh sunlight, rain, and intense winds for many years without chipping or becoming damaged. For the homeowner, this means fewer costs in maintenance or repairs.

If you’re interested in having Siding installed on your home, contact Prestige Construction, LLC today for a free consultation.

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  • Experienced: Prestige Construction, LLC has over 45 years of combined experience in homebuilding & Remodeling in Reno, NV
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  • Great Customer Service: Our clients’ testimonies say it all! We are dedicated, hardworking, and will not stop until we satisfy all of our clients’ needs. We make sure that at the end of the day, the quality of work exceeds your expectations.

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