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Prestige Construction, LLC has over 45 years of combined experience in elevator shafts, home building, and remodeling in Reno, Nevada. Quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service are guaranteed!

Experienced Elevator Shaft Installation Experts in Reno, NV

If you are looking for an experienced and high-qualified elevator shaft installation expert in Reno, then look no further than Prestige Construction, LLC. We are a top-rated elevator shaft installation company in the city. We work on a wide variety of projects ranging from residential/home elevators to limited use/application elevators. We carefully evaluate the anatomy of the structure we are building an elevator shaft in before embarking on any work. Whether an elevator shaft is being built for a lift that will be installed immediately or a lift that will be added in the future, we have a comprehensive understanding of all the tools and equipment needed to make it possible. Prestige Construction, LLC guarantees to deliver a safe and efficient elevator shaft that will serve you for many years to come.

Buildings without Elevators

Adding a lift or elevator to your home or commercial building is a lot easier and less destructive than you may think. You actually don’t even need to move out of the building in most cases as our installers and technicians can work around you and ensure that they cause minimum disruptions. Elevators are becoming more and more popular among residents of Reno due to the immense convenience and efficiency they offer. Elevators make homes and buildings attractive to prospective tenants. They also significantly increase the value of a property.

Reasons to Install an Elevator Shaft in Your Commercial or Residential Property

Increases the Value of your Building

By installing a lift or elevator, you immediately increase the value of your property making it more attractive to potential buyers and tenants. This means that you will get a good return on your investment if you choose to install an elevator in your home or building.

Improved Accessibility and Quality of Life

Adding an elevator to your property will improve accessibility for the people that live there. A lift will make it easier and quicker for people to move safely around your building. Elderly people will not have to use long flights of stairs to move around the building. People living with disabilities will also find it easier to access upper floors, which is great for everyone.

Work with a Trusted Partner

With Prestige Construction, LLC, you assured that the elevator shaft installation project will run smoothly, on time, and most importantly – on budget. Once the elevator shaft is installed, you can proceed to have a fully functional elevator car installed. We recommend that you frequently maintain and service your elevator shaft in order to keep all crucial equipment running smoothly for the entire life-cycle of the building.

Internal and External Elevator Shaft Installation

All our elevator shaft installation solutions are designed to offer the maximum possible car space, amazing energy efficiency, and interior design options that are compatible with the existing building. We help install both internal and external elevator shafts based on your specific needs and requirements. We install elevators shaft in low and mid-rise commercial and residential buildings in Reno, Nevada, and surrounding areas.

We will coordinate and plan the entire installation process with you. We will appoint a dedicated project manager who will supervise the project to ensure that everything goes according to plan. We will handle all the intricate aspects of the projects such as:

  • Decision Making: We help you collect all the information you need to determine which elevator solution meets your building’s needs best. We also assist you to secure all the relevant permits and licenses needed to install an elevator shaft in your Reno home or building.

  • Planning: We will establish the best location in your building to install the shaft and create proper engineering and architectural designs for the shaft.

  • Installation and Construction: After we are done with the planning stage, we will get to work by beginning the construction of the shaft. We will take all the necessary safety precautions required to do a proper job. We will manage the entire project for you so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Clean-Up and Maintenance: After we are done installing the elevator shaft, we will proceed to clean up the site and carry out some initial maintenance tasks for you in readiness for the installation of the elevator car.

Parts of an Elevator Shaft Project

When working on a project which includes a home elevator or limited use limited application elevator in Reno, NV, understanding the anatomy of the structure will assist in seamless construction. Whether an elevator is to be installed immediately or the elevator shaft is being installed for an elevator to be added in the future, a comprehensive understanding of the components is necessary. Prestige Construction, LLC knows all of these components and will be there for every stage of the project to ensure overall safety with proper installation.

The Pit – The elevator pit is the depression below the surface of the lowest landing that allows the elevator floor to be level with the floor of the lowest landing. The carriage or sling, which holds the car, consumes space below the floor of the car. This means that the material which is below the car floor must be recessed into the floor to provide proper leveling. The pit depth may need to be increased in Reno, NV to provide a safe space under the car, intended to protect Prestige Construction, LLC technicians while working under the car. The pit floor is a critical design element because the majority of the force imposed by the elevator will be transferred to the pit floor.

The Overhead – The overhead is the area from the top of the upper finished floor to the nearest overhead obstruction within the shaft. This space is required to provide a place for the elevator and its operational machinery when the floor of the car is level with the upper finished floor. Additional overhead may be required to protect Prestige Construction, LLC technicians while working on top of the car.

The Rail Wall – Residential and limited use limited application elevators in Reno, NV are rated at lower capacity than commercial elevators and are typically a cantilever design. This construction applies force to a wall as well as to the pit floor. When the elevator is installed with Prestige Construction, LLC, guide rails will be anchored into backing within the wall, this wall is called the rail wall. The guide rails perform two primary functions. First to guide the elevator in a plane that is parallel to the entrances of the hoistway. The second is to provide a surface on which the car safeties can deploy. Adequate backing ensures stability in the function and wear of the elevator.

The Hoisting Beam – Some jurisdictions in Reno, NV will require the installation of a hoisting beam at the top of the shaft. The hoisting beam can be used during installation to support, raise, and lower components of the elevator. It can also be utilized as a connection point for fall suppression devices used by Prestige Construction, LLC elevator technicians. Because the requirements for each of these applications vary so greatly, the structural characteristics and installation of the hoisting beam should be discussed with the authority having jurisdiction and the elevator installation company.

Why Choose Prestige Construction, LLC for your Elevator Shaft in Reno:

  • Experienced: Prestige Construction, LLC has over 45 years of combined experience in homebuilding & Remodeling in Reno, NV
  • Affordable: Our team at Prestige Construction, LLC makes sure that our clients are getting the highest quality of custom homes at a reasonable price!
  • Great Customer Service: Our clients’ testimonies say it all! We are dedicated, hardworking, and will not stop until we satisfy all of our clients’ needs. We make sure that at the end of the day, the quality of work exceeds your expectations.

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